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Dorota Katende


Safari Travel, after its 16 years of activity has a lot of successes on its scorecard: the original programme for the reporters in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; volunteers' work in a nursery school in Jambiani; building a house on Zanzibar; 77 marriage ceremonies of Polish couples in Africa; many artists' and travelers' visits in Vanilla House, Polsat Play TV visit with the “Kulinarne Safari” (Culinary Safari) programme; an interview with Dorota Katende in Dorota Wellman's programme on TVN channel; interviews in famous Polish magazines “Zwierciadło” and “Wysokie Obcasy”; taking a part in programmes: “Mała czarna”, Pytanie na śniadanie” and “Podróże z żartem” (conducted by Beata Pawlikowska) – and all this is described in the “Dom na Zanzibarze” (“The House on Zanzibar”) book .

We offer what follows:

  1. See Africa from the roof of a Land Cruiser – 4-days of roadless track safari, among the wild animals and Maasai people (Kenya), Africa from the inside – 9 days on Zanzibar (Tanzania) in the African Vanilla House.

  2. My Zanzibarian Wedding” - weddings on the paradise island of Zanzibar, in a cozy atmosphere on the Indian Ocean's beach (without any inessential preparation). The civil marriages and the church weddings. We will arrange everything for you. Click here

  3. 3-month voluntary work in Africa – for those who are interested in getting to know the realities of Zanzibar, working for the benefit of other societies, establishing contacts and mutual learning of different ways of acting, according to the traditions; learning Swahili language. Click here

  4. We offer a stay in our House on Zanzibar – Vanilla House. Only here you can book a stay in Vanilla House. Nowhere else will you be able to find this offer, because it is our family house, renovated in an African style house for tourists. We recommend it for those, who are bored with the all inclusive hotels, big complexes, European standards, again and again the same attractions whether in Mexico, Thailand or Egypt. See the house

  5. If you go to Zanzibar, you have already bought a ticket and have booked a hotel room – here you can buy some trips at competitive prices. Click here If you buy 3 trips per person you will get 10% off. Nowhere is cheaper.

  6. The book “Dom na Zanzibarze” (“The House on Zanzibar”) written by the owner of the Vanilla House describes safari, climbing the Kilimajaro, Zanzibar, the Jambiani village, Vaniia House, the local people of Africa.

  7. A special safari in Keyna for families with children (in the lodge's standard) ***Click here

  8. A unique incentives for the manager's personnel. Men's Advanture

All expeditions are held with professional guides, the inhabitants of both Zanzibar and Africa. They will show you Africa from the inside, take you where you would never find the way by yourself, help you to do the shopping at lower prices. With them you will safely get to know the exoticism of both Zanzibar and Africa; you will not waste your vacation time to negotiate the prices with local beach-boys.

See you on Zanzibar!

Karibuni Zanzibar !

Dorota Katende 

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